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when you get ur period while sleeping

A lot of people who I think will really relate to this song are dealing with not ever really feeling cool with themselves because other people make them feel like they don’t fit in.


i want to talk to you but i don’t want to be annoying do you see my problem


even though cal joked abt it does not give yo any right reblog/revine/retweet it, its hella disrespectful and gross


People on twitter seriously do not know what respect is. 

  • they are continuing to spread and screenshot Calum’s video.
  • They are printing pictures of his penis and taking them to upcoming concerts. 
  • They are taking this whole thing as a joke and aren’t concerned about his privacy that has been disrespected. 

I have no words for this, please do not take advantage of this. 


 *intensely doesnt care*


I wish people would realize that by mobbing a band you are doing nothing more than losing your chance to meet them and humiliating the entire fanbase.